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” Excellence in education, dedication to your success. Welcome to Yenepoya Online “

About Yenepoya?

Yenepoya University is a premier educational institution dedicated to providing top-notch education, conducting cutting-edge research, and delivering exceptional healthcare services. The university strives to equip students with the skills, abilities, and principles needed to excel in their chosen fields and positively impact society. The Yenepoya University was accredited by the National Accreditation and Assessment Council (NAAC) with an “A+” grade in August 2022. Since the inception of the NIRF rankings in 2017, the university has consistently been ranked within the top 100 institutions in the 85th position.

In today’s digital age and the increasing need for online learning, Yenepoya is committed to expanding its reach to the virtual domains, empowering students globally to be future citizens. Adapting to the evolving landscape, the university has introduced Yenepoya Online to serve students from various backgrounds and communities with a cost-effective, adaptable, and top-notch education that equips them for success in the competitive job market.

Benefits of Yenepoya Online

  • University Grants Commission Entitled Online Degree
  • Accredited with Grade A+ by NAAC
  • Ranked among the Top 100 Universities in India
  • 301 to 400 band on global Impact ranking
  • Awarded 3 stars in the Young Universities Category

About Online Degree?

Yenepoya University is a leader in higher education, providing a variety of online degree programs to meet the needs of today’s learners. With flexibility and accessibility, students can achieve their academic goals from anywhere while upholding Yenepoya’s excellent education standards. Online degree programs have emerged as a powerful solution, enabling students to pursue their academic goals without the limitations of traditional on-campus education. Yenepoya Online Degree explores the growing trend of online degrees, their benefits, and their impact on the future of education.

Technology is essential for the effectiveness of online degree programs. Learning management systems (LMS) like Moodle, Blackboard, and Canvas make it easier to deliver course materials, assessments, and communication between students and instructors. Innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics enhance the learning experience by offering insights into student performance and customizing content to individual needs.

Online Learning Benefits

  • Join live interactive online course at Yenepoya Online, where you can participate in engaging live sessions, webinars, and group discussions to collaborate with fellow students.
  • E-Books, in the form of self-learning notes, help students grasp the topic effortlessly.
  • The study guide provides simplified bullet notes for every chapter, making it easier for students to grasp the material.
  • Our courses are led by expert faculty who are experienced in their fields and industry professionals, guaranteeing that students will gain top-notch education and valuable practical knowledge.
  • Credit points required are all the same as the Regular Degree Program
  • Yenepoya Online Support Help (YOSH) is designed to assist students in every aspect of their online education journey, ensuring they have the resources and support needed to succeed.

Learning Management System (LMS) Features

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a powerful tool used by Yenepoya Online to deliver, manage, and track learning activities. An effective LMS enhances the learning experience by providing a range of features designed to support educators, administrators, and learners. These are the main features commonly found in an LMS:

Course and Organization :

All Notifications, Class Schedules and timetable details including content such as videos, readings, and assignments are updated by LMS.

Communication Facilities

Through LMS the students have Supports discussion boards and instructors to interact and discuss course-related topics.

Mobile Compatibility

LMS platforms have mobile apps or responsive designs, enabling students to access course materials on the go at any time and any where in the world

Assessment and Grading

Instructors will create quizzes, exams, and assignments to assess student progress and grade their performance.

Privacy and Security

LMS platforms typically have robust security features to ensure the privacy and security of user data of the students

Distance Degree/ Online Degree/ Regular Degree

Regular DegreeOnline DegreeDistance Degree
Provides a structured learning environmentStudents can study from anywhere in the world, as long as they have internet access.No structured learning environment for the students
Enhanced networking opportunities and social interactions.Students can access course materials at any time, allowing for flexible study schedules.Less interactive compared to online or regular degrees.
Access to on-campus facilities and support services.Use of multimedia, discussion forums, live chats, and virtual classrooms.There is a possibility of experiencing delays in getting course materials and feedback.
The students want to complete 3960 hours of class time. Purely equal to Regular DegreeNo Learnig Hours for the students
Credit Points required for the UG programme are 132 points. Credit Point all same to Regular Degree Program Credit points earned for the UG Programme are below 90 to 100.
Credit Points required for PG programme are 90 point Credit Point all same to Regular Degree Program Credit points earned for the GG Programme are below 40 to 50

Available Courses Offered ?

Online Degree Programs Offered by Yenepoya Online are :

  • BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • BCA in Computer Science and Information Technology
  • BCOM in Accounting and Finance

Placements and Trainings

Yenepoya Online degree programs are designed not only to provide high-quality education but also ensure that the students are well-prepared for the job market. About 2000 + Companies and 136+ Multinational Companies had tie up programs with Yenepoya Online.The Yenepoya Online has established strong ties with various industries and organizations. These partnerships help facilitate internships, job placements, and collaborative projects that provide students with practical experience.The placement interviews are mainly conducted through virtual interviews and direct interviews. 

1. BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

An Online BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is all about managing the supply chain in a fast-paced business setting. Students are taught about procurement, logistics, transportation, warehousing, packaging, and other related topics. The supply chain plays a vital role in the success of modern businesses. Without proper management, a manufacturing or processing company will struggle to expand.

The logistics and supply chain sector plays a vital role in global trade, making sure that products move smoothly from production to the hands of consumers. As the global market becomes more intricate, there is a rising need for experts who can oversee and improve these operations.

Highlights of Program

  • Learn about the complete supply chain process, from sourcing to production to distribution.
  • Explore the newest trends in global supply chains and their significance in business procedures.
  • Gain the skills to navigate international trade, customs regulations, and the challenges of the global supply chain.


Students who have successfully passed the 10th and 12th exams from a recognised state board, such as CBSE, NIOS, IGCSE, IB, or ICSE, approved by the state or central government, can apply for the course.

Program Modules

SEMESTER 1 ( 24 Credits )

  • English
  • Business Management


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