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BPharm or Bachelor of Pharmacy is a four year UG course in pharmacy and medicine. It includes pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. It is the study of drug action, physiological or biochemical and its effect on the body.


Pharmacology deals with drug compositions and their synthesis. Also, it includes drug modelling, molecular and cellular mechanisms and anti pathogenic capabilities are all an important segment of the Pharmacology branch.

BPharm Pharmaceutics includes the design, creation, distribution, and clinical use of drugs for infectious disease prevention and relief. BPharm Pharmaceutics has subjects such as Analytical Techniques, Cures, and Remedies for diseases, Pharmacology etc.

Bachelor of Pharmacy candidate who understands medicines majorly work in research and development of pain drugs, work on medical complications by altering the drugs. Also, to quality check and control as per the regulations of Pharmacy Council. The Pharmacy sector is divided into different segments including hospital/clinical pharmacy, industrial pharmacy and Pharmacy Regulators, etc.

It includes a lot of theory. So, if you choose it you need to work hard. But, if you have a good base in biology it will be easy for you. However, biology is not mandatory in bpharm eligibility.

You can check out Doctor of Pharmacy too. Because it is an advanced course in pharmacy.

BPharm Eligibility

Candidates needs 10+2 with a subject combination of either Physics, Chemistry, and Biology or Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. There will be a minimum marks criteria based on the University rules.

BPharm Syllabus

bpharm syllabus


Do i need biology for Bpharm degree?

No, You need physics, chemistry, maths and/or biology. So, you can join bpharm without biology.

Do i need NEET for BPharm degree?

No, you don’t. NEET is only needed for courses like MBBS and BDS. So, you don’t need it.

Which university is good for bpharm?

Any university with UGC approval or government universities can be considered. However, we suggests Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.


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