BSc Forensic Science and Criminology

BSc Forensic Science and Criminology

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BSc Forensic Science is a three year under graduate degree course. It deals with scientific methods used in the crime labs. It includes essential components such as Forensic Pathology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Forensic Medicine, and Dentistry. Hence, the analysis area is vast and different. It could be of anything from blood stains, finger prints to recovering data from mobiles, laptop, DNA profiling. 

bsc forensic science and criminology

Students needs analytical skills and technical skills. Forensic Science are closely related with law and justice. Forensic Tests, conducted by the Forensic Experts often work as a proof and thus in many cases it saves the life of innocents. The course enhances the inherent detective ability of a person. It helps them to think from various perspectives with strong analytical skills and keen observation skills as well. Proper analysis is mandatory for correct forensic tests and it can be done not only by observation but also with developed technical skills.


Students needs science subjects in 10+2. However, you can contact us for more info on eligibility.

BSc Forensic Science Syllabus

bsc forensic science and criminology syllabus


Which college is better for B.Sc Forensic Science and Criminology?

We suggests Srinivas University Click here to see. However, you check other private universities too.

What type of jobs are there for B.Sc Forensic Science students?

You will get jobs like Forensic scientist, drug analyst and private investigator. However, you can go for government jobs like police officer, Forensic department worker etc. In conclusion, there are good opportunities if you are ready to search.


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