MSc Forensic Science

MSc Forensic Science

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MSc Forensic Science is a two year post graduate degree. It is the study of analysis of a crime scene or similar situation. It helps students to find out the suspects through analysis and identification of different materials found in a crime scene. Students learns different methods of analysis and photography techniques. It is a special course for those who like a career in assisting investigations.

msc forensic science

Candidates who study forensic science can get many jobs such as forensic analyst, crime scene investigator, customs agent etc.

MSc Forensic Science Eligibility

Students who has any bachelor of science degree with 50% marks can apply for M.Sc Forensic Science. It is preferred to have B.Sc Forensic Science degree.


msc forensic science syllabus

M.Sc Forensic science is suitable for you, if you have keen interest in finding mysteries and analysing objects with patience. Law enforcement is the best place for forensic students. It is because of the stability of the job and the higher salary it can pay you. You can find jobs in research facilities and in other labs too. Only a few colleges has this course. So, the number of students who passes out each year is also low. Hence, you can get good jobs without competition.


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