M Tech Structural Design

M Tech Structural Design

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M Tech Structural Design is a two year post graduate course. It is a branch in civil engineering. It deals with concepts such as structural design, stability, general safety, reliability of the construction, withstanding earthquakes and building failures.

m tech structural engineering

The course is especially helpful to those who want to get into the construction business and understand how to construct tall buildings, bridges, dams, flyovers and similar such modern structures. One also comes across topics like foundation technology, concrete technology etc.

Amongst all the branches in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering is one of the most popular fields of study. The field of structural engineering is finding increasing demand from the industry. With larger and taller buildings coming up in cities and towns, the emphasis is more on the structural dynamics and strength of the construction. In conclusion, the role of a structural engineer becomes all the more important in such scenarios.

M Tech Structural Engineering Eligibility

B.Tech passed with 50% marks. In addition, you there are entrance exams too. Like GATE.

M.Tech Structural Engineering Syllabus

m tech structural engineering syllabus


Does M.Tech Structural Engineering needs any entrance exams?

Yes, you need to pass GATE exam. In addition, 50% marks in B.Tech is also needed.

What does a structural engineer do?

A structural engineer mainly designs the framework or the bones and muscles of a man-made structure such as buildings and other non-building constructions. They ensure the structural integrity of a building or construction by taking into considerations such as load factors, stability, safety, earthquake resistance, etc.


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