Yenepoya MBBS Admission in Kyrgyzstan-(KNU)

Yenepoya MBBS Admission in Kyrgyzstan-(KNU)

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Yenepoya University is one of the top Universities renowned for the excellence in the health care education provided for the students. The Yenepoya University of Medical Education’s quest towards excellence in professional education decided to sponsor the formation of a new trust to create a Deemed-to-be University. Now, Yenepoya University has taken a revolutionary step that the University establishing a New College in Kyrgyzstan (KNU) for MBBS. Yenepoya is highly desired to provide world-class education to the students who were aspiring to come into the medical field in the global setting. Yenepoya mainly introduces the course Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at KNU for the students. All the facilities, developments and infrastructures of the university are made according to the concern and wishes of the students who are trying to become part of this remarkable journey.

Kyrgyzstan National University

Converting Your Future in Medicine with KNU -Yenepoya International Education-(YIE)

Yenepoya University made a revolutionary decision to start a new college in Kyrgyzstan. Yenepoya University provides excellent medical education and high-class infrastructure facilities for students. This made a significant milestone for both Yenepoya University and the country’s medical education landscape. Kyrgyzstan is a prestigious educational institution that stands as a beacon of academic excellence. The (KNU) offers different types of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes for students. The Cultural Diversity of Kyrgyzstan drives students from around the world to come together to learn, develop and grow their future life that extends beyond borders.

Why Kyrgyzstan National University of MBBS

Kyrgyzsatan National University and Yenepoya have a renowned MBBS Program at the KNU Campus in Bishkek Kyrgyzsatan for international students. KNU – Yenepoya ( Deemed to be University ) have academic Collaboration and this joint venture has opened new horizons for international students studying MBBS Abroad.

Life of Students in Kyrgyzstan :

Kyrgyzstan offers the students a terrific ecosystem and homely atmosphere to distinguish and enrich their life. The Climatic conditions are very adjustable as their own mother countries.

Campus Facilities :

The College offers a modern educational environment for the students with all types of infrastructure facilities like Digital Classrooms, Seminar Halls, and fully equipped laboratories, all are designed for effective and engaging learning experiences for students from various parts of the world.

Faculty Facilities :

The University provided well-experienced Docter trainers for the students for comprehensive Medical education because of this the students will get high-quality training and education in their Medical Field.

Practical Training of Students:

The University decided to bring a gap between medical theory and practical application. The KNU provided comprehensive practical training that will prepare the students to get well experienced in superior patient care. The day-to-day practical experience will help the students enrich their medical knowledge and skills.

Acadmic Exellence of KNU :

The Collaboration with Yenepoya International Education provides the students with high standards of medical education by providing well-experienced faculty, advanced laboratories, and practices.

About Kyrgyzstan National University (KNU)

The Main National University of Kyrgyzstan was basically known as Kyrgyzstan National University and is also known as Kyrgyz State University. The KNU was established in the year 1951 and is one of the largest universities in the country. The university was located in the Capital City called Bishkek. The University basically provides education in all fields of study including social science, engineering, natural science and medicine. The university also offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programmes. The Kyrgyzstan National University is also recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kyrgyzstan. The university also actively engages in international cooperation and partnership with universities and institutions worldwide.

Yenepoya MBBS Admission

The main Advantages you will get when you choose KNU-Yenepoya ( Deemed to be University ) MBBS Collaboration :

  • The University provides high academic standards of Yenepoya Medical College( Deemed to be University )
  • The Students studied according to the syllabus and curriculum of Yenepoya
  • Highly experienced Indian Faculty facility provided by Yenepoya to the students
  • Full-furnished and ventilated hostel facilities are provided for both boys and girls
  • Extra six-month training in India after completing the studies in Kyrgyzstan.
  • The students also get extra training on how to cark NEXT and licensing exams in India
  • The food is provided according to the taste of the mother countries
  • All types of educational materials and training will be provided by Yenepoya

Features and Facilities of KNU


The University provide a well-stocked library which includes the latest books in all subjects, and national & international journals which also offer internet, email and photocopying services to its readers. The Digital availability of book reading is also provided by the university to the students.

Laboratory Facilities

A fully equipped laboratory is given to the students with all types of equipment that are imported from foreign countries. This Laboratory facility will help the students to get higher standards of clinical experience and also helps in their future professional life.

Hostel Facilities

The hostel is well-ventilated with excellent living rooms 24 hours water supply, a recreation room, study hall where they feel at home. The Hostel facilities are provided separately for both girls and boys.

Wifi Connection

Wi-fi connections are provided freely inside the campus for the research work and also provided inside the hostel also.


The students are provided with a well-ventilated digital classroom for their studies.


A large space of Auditorium facilities is provided for the students for performing their cultural and traditional programs.

Yenepoya University

Yenepoya University is one of the best private universities in India. The University was located near Mangalore Karnataka and was established in year 2009. The University provides all types of colleges and institutions in the field of education and health care sectors. The University has mainly partnerships with national and international institutions and is approved and recognized by UGC and the Medical Council of India ( MCI).

The Main Institutions in India with are provided by Yenepoya University are given as follows :

  • Yenepoya Medical College
  • Yenepoya Nursing College
  • Yenepoya Physiotherapy College
  • Yenepoya College of Allied Health Science
  • Yenepoya Dental College

The College will strive to produce outstanding medical teachers, physicians and scientists.

This will be done by providing quality education to the students, residents, postgraduate and post-doctoral trainees and practising physicians, the public, integrating the latest research advances with the best clinical practice.

KNU & YU Collabaration

The Main Aim of the collaboration is to elevate the study of medical education through a strategic partnership with Yenepoya International Education and Kyrgyzstan National University. Yenepoya University has a vital entity within the esteemed Yenepoya Group, which joins hands to enhance the academic experience of the students. This Collaboration to emphasizes the academic development, practical training and overall welfare of the students through this revolutionary collaboration.

 Kyrgyzstan National University

Application and Admission Procedures of Kyrgyzstan National University

Step 1: Submission of Application Form

To secure your enrolment, kindly proceed with a payment of INR 1,18,000 to the following KNU India Account.

Step 2: Provisional Admission Letter

Upon verification, successful applicants will receive a provisional admission letter along with a link to initiate the first part payment of US $3,500 for the first year

Step 3: Admission Offer Letter

Upon the receipt of the first part payment, the students will be granted an official admission offer letter, from the university affirming their place at Kyrgyzstan National University.

Step 4: Document Verification

To Proceed further, the second instalment of US $3,500 is required, accompanied by the submission of all original certificates for verification

Step 5: Final Processing

Completing the admission process entails the final instalment payment of US$4,000 for the first year’s
tuition fee. This step is crucial to finalize your admission, facilitate visa applications, and make travel

Fees Structure for MBBS Program – 2023-24

1st Year7500615000/-
2nd Year6500533000/-
3rd Year6000492000/-
4th Year5000410000/-
5th Year4500369000/-
6th Year4000328000/-
Fees Structure for MBBS Program – 2023-24


Fee: US $800 per year

Mess fees are separate


The MBBS degree from KNU recognized in India and other countries?

Yes, the university is in the global medical school’s directory, recognized in India and beyond. Verify the eligibility of your country.

Does the tuition fee for the course included in the hostel fees?


How do the students apply for VISA and what documents would the students need?

The visa process begins with the post-admission letter. Submit 12th marks, passport, and eligibility docs for the invitation. We process your Visa upon
receiving the invitation.

What kind of food is provided to the students in college?

Indian mess is available for students on campus and in hostels. There are also middle eastern local cuisines and canteens near campus.

Does the medical college provide hostel facilities? Or do the students have to stay outside?

Yes, the medical colleges have Hostel facilities for both Boys and Girls separately.

Do the students have to do two internships?? One from the college and later from our country?

Check your country’s current requirements. Please refer to your respective Medical
Council regulations for current updates.

Is there any special provision for International students to solve their personal problems or queries?

The university offers an on-campus International Support Team along with a team in India, dedicated to assisting students with any concerns. Feel free to reach out via email or contact them at your convenience.

Can the parents of the students visit the University? Can I travel during my holidays or stay back abroad?

Certainly, parents can visit anytime. Kyrgyz tourist e-visa is easy to receive. Students can travel during holidays or stay abroad if desired.

How can students pay the tuition fees and other fees for medical universities abroad?

Easily pay via online bank transfer to the provided account in your admission letter. Alternatively, use forex partners for fee transfers.

Can the students get a job in Government Hospitals or apply in Medical Institutions in India after completing a Medical degree from this college?

Certainly, upon completing your medical degree from this college, you’ll be eligible to pursue job opportunities in government hospitals and apply to medical institutions across India, provided you meet the necessary requirements. Your degree will open doors to various roles in the healthcare sector.

How are the infrastructure facilities of KNU?

The KNU provide high-quality infrastructure facilities for the students

Are there any local bodies that can provide more info?

Reach us via email to our support team or authorized partners for information.

What is the address of Kyrgyzstan National University?

The address of KNU is 547 Фрунзе көчөсү Бишкек, 720033, Kyrgyzstan


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