BSc Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology

BSc Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology

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BSc Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology is a three year undergraduate paramedical course. It was divided into two courses before. First is Anaesthesia Technology. It deals with anaesthesia equipment, anaesthesia agents, techniques as well as dosage in order to ensure a better monitoring of the patient. Second is, Operation Theatre Technology. Basically, this course is all about managing the records of a patient and checking every detail of an operation theatre. This includes the disinfection and sterilisation and taking care of all the surgical instruments.

Every hospital needs anaesthesia staff. Also, it needs operation theatre managing staff. Hence, the job opportunities are very high for these students. Even though there are many candidates passing out each year, it still is a high paying job.

It is a better combination. You can find many jobs in both fields. Both fields are paying good too.

Anaesthesia Technology

bsc anaesthesia and operation theatre technology

Anaesthesia Technology helps students in choosing the right anaesthetic treatment for a patient and its dosage. The eligible candidates are provided training in all the types of equipment that are used for anaesthesia.After that they gets to know different anaesthesia agents. And then, the techniques that need to be used for giving anaesthesia. And its allowable dosage which depends on the patient and operational conditions. The subjects that are taught during the three years of graduation include Anaesthesia Technology, Medical Technology, Fundamentals of Operation Theatre.

The main objective of B.Sc. in Anaesthesia Technology course is to equip students with the knowledge of anaesthetic equipment, it’s usage and how to monitor the patients. The course has both theoretical and practical ways of helping the students in becoming successful anaesthetists. Sometimes they also have to perform these tasks during or even after the surgery.

Operation Theatre Technology

bsc anaesthesia and operation theatre technology

The Operation Theatre Technology course is the basic graduation course that deals with the Ethics, arrangements of the operation theatre, and managing the pieces of equipment that are necessary while performing surgery. An operation theatre technologist has to present in the surgery room and must assist the doctors and nurses in the time of surgery. They should mastermind all the surgical pieces of equipment before surgery. They should do cleaning these necessary pieces of equipment before surgery. And must obey the orders of a Surgeon during the Surgery.

All the hospitals in India, recruit the Operation Theatre Technologists for conducting various surgeries like Plastic surgery, General surgery, Gynaecology surgery, Neurosurgery, and Urology. In this course, students learn how to take care of a patient pre and post-operation. They all are also given proper training to assist surgeons, anaesthetists, and nurses. This is to maintain hygiene in the OT rooms by adopting the sterilise and disinfecting process.

They all have to maintain protocols given by NABH. This course is highly engaging and there is a lot of future scope for the students after completing this course. They can even go for a master’s degree course and pursue higher education as an operation theatre technologist.

BSc Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology Syllabus

bsc anaesthesia and operation theatre technology


Students needs physics, chemistry and biology in 10+2. Also, they need 50% marks. However, OBC/SC/ST needs only 45% marks.


Is BSc Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Technology a good course?

Yes, It has very good job opportunities. In addition, its pays fair enough.

How much salary will i get after B.Sc AT & OT?

Initially, 2 to 5 LPA. After that, you might get above 6LPA.


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