BSc Clinical Psychology

BSc Clinical Psychology

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BSc Clinical Psychology is a three year undergraduate science degree. It is the study of treatments for mental issues and behavioural disorders. Few of the more common disorders that may be treated include learning disabilities, substance abuse, eating disorders, depression and anxiety. The clinical psychologist see patients to analyse them. After that, they helps them through treatments.

bsc clinical psychology

Clinical Psychology has subjects like Clinical psychology, General Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Organisational Behaviour, etc. The students needs good knowledge of the subject. During the three years, you will study basic components of Psychology.

There is BA Psychology too. It has a similar syllabus to B.Sc Clinical Psychology. The BA is an arts course. So, those students gets jobs as counsellors. On the other hand, B.Sc Clinical Psychology has clinical subjects. Now a days, mental health is very much important. So, the job opportunities are also very high.


Students need 10+2 in any stream. Also, they need 45% marks too.

BSc Clinical Psychology Syllabus

bsc clinical psychology syllabus


Which university is better for B.Sc Clinical Psychology?

We suggest Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. However, you can check other state universities too. Basically, try to join government universities.

How much salary will i get after B.Sc Clinical Psychology?

2 to 4 lakhs initially. Adter that, you might bet above 6 LPA.


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