BSc Microbiology

BSc Microbiology

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BSc Microbiology is a three year undergraduate paramedical course. It is the study of microorganisms like bacteria, virus and fungi. Basically, microbiology is the study about the properties of microorganisms and their effects on human body. The course also covers the diseases caused by these microorganisms in human body. Candidates who have an interest in studying microbes and their behaviours should pursue microbiology.

bsc microbiology

Microbiology is an emerging field with constant research developments and advancements taking place. There is a lot of scope for further study and research. Job opportunities are also great for microbiology. This is no high competition in this field. And there is a 3% growth in job opportunities every year. So, chances of getting a job easily in public or private sector is very high. It is is in high demand because of the benefits that the course brings along with itself. Candidates after completion of the course can find themselves in different research labs, Pharmaceutical companies, food processing plants, etc.


Students needs physics, chemistry and biology in 10+2. Also they need 45 to 50% marks in the same.

BSc Microbiology Syllabus

bsc microbiology syllabus


Which university is good for BSc Microbiology?

We prefer Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. However, you can look into other state universities too.

How much salary will i get after B.Sc Microbiology?

2 to 6LPA.


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