BSc Neuroscience

BSc Neuroscience

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BSc Neuroscience is a three year paramedical course. It is the study of neurology and the equipments used for it. It is the branch of science that helps students to learn more about neurology. Basically, the course duration is three years which is divide into six semesters. but, there is a compulsory internship of six to twelve months.

bsc neuroscience

Neuroscience is the in-depth study of the nervous system. It’s structure, function and behaviour through a series of scientific and technological experiments and tests. Neuroscience was originally a part of biology. But with significant advances in science and technology over the past few decades. Neuroscience has dedicated to the study of the nervous system.

Candidates who wish to study Neuroscience are exposed to deep knowledge of neuroanatomy, neuropathology and neurophysiology. Firstly, Neuroscience is an advanced technology that has tremendously taken over the modern world. It has gained prominence because of the impact of technological evolution. Secondly, Neuroscience deals with the study of the human nervous systems and is concerned with the activities of the brain. It uses advanced technologies.

Students has good opportunities. And it is a high paying field too. The need for neurologists are increasing day by day. students can find jobs as assistants to doctors. It is available in both public and private sector.


Students needs physics, chemistry and biology n 10+2. Also, they need 45 to 50% marks too.

Syllabus of BSc Neuroscience

bsc neuroscience


Which university is best for B.Sc Neuroscience?

We suggests Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. However you can check other state universities too.

How much salary will i get right after completing B.Sc Neuroscience?

2 to 4LPA. After that you might get above 5LPA.


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