BSc Renal Dialysis Technology

BSc Renal Dialysis Technology

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BSc Renal Dialysis Technology is a three year undergraduate paramedical course. It is the study of treatments for renal failure. That is, kidney failure. Students who study this course will be entering a field of low competition and high opportunities. Basically, Renal Dialysis Technology is a branch of paramedical science which deals with the study of the process of treating and removing excess water, solutes, and toxins from the blood of patients whose kidneys can no longer perform normal functions clearly. Its called as Renal Replacement Therapy. 

bsc renal dialysis technology

It balances specialties like cardiac care technology, respiratory care technology, dialysis technology, imaging sciences technology, clinical medical lab, among others. The course prepares students to administer hemodialysis treatments for patients with renal failure, under a physician. For instance, renal dialysis technology, recombinant vaccines, stem cell technology, card blood banking etc. influence the health and well being of our citizens.


Students needs physics, chemistry and biology in 10+2. Also, they need 45 to 50% marks too.

BSc Renal Dialysis Technology Syllabus

bsc renal dialysis technology


Which university is better for B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology?

We suggests Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. However, you can check out other state universities too.

How much salary will i get after B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology?

3 to 5 LPA initially. After that, you might get above 6LPA.


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